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Feeling Bored, Stuck or Unhappy in your job?

Feeling Bored and Stuck in Your Job

When thinking about making major changes in your life, it’s normal to feel equally excited and scared.

For instance, when you think about how great a perfect job would be, or about starting your own business and working from home, you can feel really excited. However, when you focus on what you need to do to get there, your fears may keep you from taking action and living the life you want.

On top of it, you want to make sure that you are living out the unique purpose that God has designed specifically for you! You may wonder what His purpose for you is.

Things Can be Different!

It's Time to Take Back Your Life!


It’s time you Stepped into the life you were created for!

How would you like to:

*Have the support and guidance you need to begin creating a plan for change
*Have confidence in your abilities and the direction you should go
*Have the courage to answer the call God has placed on your heart
*Jump out of bed each day because you are excited about what you are doing

God has planned great things for you

and it’s not too late to do them!

Purpose Statement

Two FREE workbooks

to help you get started!

FREE Workbooks

“When Can I Quit My Job?” – A Workbook to help you make your best decision.

  • Dream of what the new possibilities are
  • Determine if making a change is the right step
  • Decide & Develop a plan for when and how to do it
  • Deal with Doubts that get in your way

“What if I Have to Wait?” – A Workbook to help you learn to thrive while you wait.

  • W – Walk with God
  • A – Attitude Adjustment
  • I – Initiate┬áwhat’s possible for you right now
  • T – Take Total Care of yourself

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