Finding Your Possible Workbook

Step into the life you were created for

Finding Your Possible Workbook

Life Purpose and Goal Planning journal and workbook to help you:

Dream – of the possibilities for your life
Discover – who you were crated to be
Develop – goals and plans to get there
Do – achieve your goals and your dreams

Have you ever wanted your life to be different? Have you ever asked yourself, “How did I end up here?” Without someone there to keep us accountable, motivate and encourage us, we get comfortable and don’t push ourselves to grow and achieve our best or discover what’s possible. Think of this workbook like your personal coach, here to help you to become who you were created to be and achieve your potential!

This workbook, geared toward Christian Women, will help you think through the dreams God has placed on your heart, discover your life purpose and who you were created to be, develop compelling and meaningful goals and help you create a plan of action to make it happen! You will discover what is possible for your life and create a path to achieve it.

This workbook gives you:
* 80+ pages of step by step activities and questions to guide you
* Will help you DREAM, DISCOVER, DEVELOP & DO what you were created to do
* Will help you develop your personal mission statement
* Will help you develop meaningful goals
* Will help you create a plan of action to make your goals happen

Don’t delay, find your possible today!

Available in paperback.

What Others are saying:

“This book literally changed my life by guiding me through clarifying my dreams and setting goals, it’s amazing!” ~ Elaine P

“The tools in this workbook are time tested techniques for exploring what really matters to you and for making progress on your goals. If you follow the steps in this workbook, you will come away with a better understanding of what your strengths and passions are, along with a plan to make changes in your life to live in greater alignment with those dreams.” ~ Jill S