Finding Your Confidence

Let go of "I'm not good enough," and embrace who you were created to be!

Finding Your Confidence

Is the phrase “I’m not good enough” a familiar companion to you? Is there a similar phrase that frequently crosses your mind? Maybe one like, “I will never be able to do it,” “I won’t fit in,” “They won’t like me” or “It will never work out.”

Have you ever wanted to do something or say something really badly but talked yourself out of it? Do you remain stuck or isolated because you let anxiety and fear keep you there?

Insecurity has many faces but, no matter how it looks for you, a lack of confidence or low self-esteem can keep you from fully living the life you were created for. I want you to know it can be different.

In this book, I help you look at the possible reasons why you struggle with self-esteem and low-confidence issues. However, I am also going to provide you with skills to practice and methods to help change your mindset so that you can become the confident person you long to be.

Along with learning skills, we will look at how growing in your relationship with God, trusting Him, and finding your self-worth in Him and in who He made you to be can transform you from the inside out.

You can let go of insecurity. You can let go of anxiety and depression. You can create stronger relationships. You can live your life on purpose and achieve your potential! You don’t have to remain stuck, anxiety-ridden. You can gain freedom from your fears and confidently and authentically be yourself!

In the pages of this book, I will share with you both personal stories and stories of how other women have taken these same steps to overcome their insecurities in order to live in a new and confident way. These examples will help you see that you are not alone and will inspire you that the same is possible. I will also highlight a few stories of women, told in their own words, with whom you may closely relate.