Making Peace With Rejection

Book Study: Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst



It hurts.

No one wants to feel rejected.

Unfortunately, rejection knocks on the door of our lives from time to time to let us know that we aren’t quite good enough. Sometimes the rejection is very real, but other times it might be perceived. Regardless, when it hits us hard, it can double us over in sharp pain.

Here’s a paragraph from the first chapter of Uninvited:

Today’s rejections, big or subtle, are like stealth bombs that zing straight to my core, locating hurts from my past and making them agonizingly present all over again. They send messages that scrabble up all my carefully established formulas for keeping life stable. The voices of doubt and insecurity whisper, “See, I’ve been telling you for years what an utter disappointment you are.” Those voices don’t have to scream; the pain does that in deafening tones.

How often do you experience the pain of rejection? If it’s a fair amount, that’s a pretty good sign that you have some work to be done in this area. Not fun, right?

The thing that Lysa says in this first chapter of her book that really strikes me is this:

Self-rejection paves the landing strip for the rejection of others to arrive and pull on up to the gates of our hearts. Think about why it hurts so much when other people say or do things that make you feel rejected. Isn’t it in part due to the fact they just voiced some vulnerability you’ve already berated yourself for? It hurts exponentially more when you’re kicked in an already bruised shin.

This statement really resonates with me. I think we beat ourselves up a lot more than others do. We also perceive rejection when it’s often not really there. Our past experiences with rejection, our negative self-talk and our enemy are all waiting at the starting line, ready to confirm to us again and again, “See, it’s true! You really aren’t good enough!”

Say Good-bye to Rejection and Hello to Acceptance

I don’t think there is a single one of us who hasn’t been hurt by┬árejection of some kind, but the story doesn’t end there. I also know, that the opposite of rejection is acceptance, and we have a savior who has accepted us knowing the absolute worst about us. He rescued us in the midst of our sinfulness and accepted us! I believe that it is through this acceptance that we can make peace with rejection. It no longer has to sting so badly. In Christ’s acceptance of us we can be secure.

Romans 5:7 “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you.”

I am so excited to be exploring Lysa’s new book with you! Over the coming weeks we will look more closely at the points that she brings up in her book, and work to overcome the hold rejection may have on us. If you are interested in joining us for this study, grab your copy of the book here: Uninvited, by Lysa Terkeurst. (Affiliate Link)

I can’t wait to see where this journey leads us.




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15 thoughts on “Making Peace With Rejection

  1. Thank goodness for a Savior who loves and accepts us regardless. Lysa’s newest book sounds like a keeper. It’s a high priority on my “to read” list. Visiting via #raralinkup.

  2. I think Lysa is right.. that often we perceive rejection even when it isn’t there b/c we have conditioned ourselves with it. We’ve been offered all the acceptance we need by God through Christ but often choose to believe our feelings over the truth. I’m sure this book will be a must-read for basically everyone!

  3. I’m reading “Uninvited” with a friend right now and it is SO good! It both easy to read because of Lysa’s easy style, while also being a good deal of work to unpack all the emotion that comes with the truth she reveals. Rejection can leave some big scars, but those healed wounds also serve a great reminder of God’s unending love and acceptance of us. Thanks for sharing your insights on the book.

    I’m relaunching my blog this week, and I’d love to invite you over to share in the celebration. So glad to visit you from #thoughtprovokingthursday today!

  4. I already thought the book looked great, but your post got me excited to stop waiting and grab my copy today.
    Rejection is something I am familiar with!

    Your #faithfilledFriday neighbor,

  5. Thanks for sharing at the #LMMLinkup. One of my favorite parts about our linkup is finding out about wonderful books like this one as soon as they come out. I love how it seems the author is using such biblical principles!