Live Your Life on Purpose

live your life on purpose


What does it mean to you to live your life on purpose? The word intentional comes to my mind.

It can be so easy in our busy lives to live in a place of reaction rather than intention. We react to the needs in front of us, to the crisis that comes up and to the daily tasks before us. Then we look back and we wonder where our day has gone, our week went, or the years have flown by. We ask ourselves what have I even done with my life? Maybe we think we’ve wasted a lot of our time.

Living on purpose is different. Living on purpose means that we intentionally carve out time in our lives to do the things that matter. It means that we figure out what on earth we are here for, and who we were created to be, and then find ways to live out that calling.

Life will always be busy. If we don’t tell our time where to go, it will get spent. There will always be something else to clean, an event or activity to attend or someone else who needs something from us. As John Maxwell says, “Learn to say no to the good, so you can say yes to the best.”

What are some of the “good” things that clutter up your life? What are some things that you can let go of? How can you begin to live your life with more intention, on purpose, to be all who God created you to be?

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