Discover Your Possibilities


Dwell in Possibilities

One of my favorite quotes is “Dwell in Possibilities,” by Emily Dickinson.

I’m the kind of person who likes to dream. I like to think about all the possibilities for the future and open myself up to new ideas and experiences that could be. Are you right there with me?

Sometimes in life, we can get caught up in being practical. This happensĀ if we’ve had too many disappointments, obstacles or set-backs. As a result, we might be quick to shoot down our own possibility thinking because we don’t want to be hurt anymore. We don’t want to put our heart, soul, and all into a hope and a dream; to pour ourselves into making something happen only to be met with “failure,” and to end up feeling down, depressed or discouraged. It’s safer to not consider our possibilities.

Yet, when we close the door on possibilities, we live a stagnant and mediocre life.

It’s only when we open our life up to possibility thinking, that we also open ourselves up to THRIVING! When we allow possibility thinking to be a part of our lives, it’s true, we do open ourselves up to being more vulnerable with the potential of getting hurt, but we also open ourselves up to excitement, fulfillment and abundance. I agree, feeling hurt, discouraged and depressed really sucks, but on the other hand, not feeling excited, fulfilled, and full of abundance really sucks too!

So, where are you at right now? Are you ready to think about all the possibilities for your life? Are you ready to take some risks in order to live your life on purpose, with passion and live up to your potential? Do you want to live the life you were created for? It really all starts with allowing yourself to begin to dwell in the possibilities of what that means for you!

Will you allow yourself to find your possible today?

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