Sunday is Coming!

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We don’t often associate Good Friday with Laughter do we? Usually it’s a day to be somber and reflective. We think about all of the events leading up to our Lord Jesus dying on the cross for us. Usually we save the laughter for Sunday. Easter is the day that we can rejoice, sing and laugh, because Jesus rose from the dead, and saved us from our sins.

It’s good that we do this. Good Friday is a time for reflection. It’s a time to remember that we are sinners who are in need of a Savior. It’s a time for us to think about all that Christ has done for us personally. When we are honest with ourselves about it, it is sobering.

However, we live today knowing that we can rejoice. After a Good Friday church service, we often say to each other as we are leaving, “Sunday is coming!” We have a glisten in our eye that reminds us that this isn’t where things end. We feel like we should leave the service in quiet, subdued tones, and save the laughter for Sunday, but many of us can’t. We just can’t keep it quiet. We already know the truth, and Sunday is coming!

Two days ago was April Fool’s Day. It’s a day for silliness and laughter; for playing pranks on each other and giggling behind our hands. It’s a day set aside specifically for laughter. It’s fun, but the laughter from this day is fleeting and quickly forgotten. It almost feels like it shouldn’t be in the same week as Good Friday, right?

Maybe, but maybe not. Since we already know the outcome, maybe we can allow a few extra giggles and joyful laughter to slide in along with the reflection and remembering. We have the privilege of knowing the outcome already. Death no longer has a sting. Knowing the truth keeps the dark despair from overpowering us.

So, will you join me today in allowing a little laughter in? Will you let a little bit of Sunday’s joy and laughter begin today? Will you walk around today with a twinkle in your eye because you know the outcome already? Let’s make room for laughter in this day, because this day is the time to remember the hope and joy that are ours.

Sunday is coming!

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